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History Plug-In for TradeStation 2000i

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History Plu-In for TradeStation 2000i

The History Plug-In allows to download the historical data provided from any internet/satellite quote vendor directly into the GlobalServer by an interface completely integrated.
Now all non HyperServer Lite users are able download directly to GlobalServer the historical data.
History Plug-in is an historical SubServer, the interface is full integrated and compatible with GlobalServer. Now you can use two SubServers simultaneously: History Plug-In and DBC Online SubServer. GlobalServer will be able to receive realtime data from DBC SubServer and download history data from History Plug-In SubServer at once, by an interface full integrated and compatible with GlobalServer. You need only to select in GlobalServer the symbol to download the history and the data will be collected automatically in your GlobalServer.

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Available Datafeeds:
Yahoo Finance
QCharts (
RealTick III
FutureSource ProNet (available soon)
b.i.s. AG
MSN Finance

Download the History PlugIn for Ts2000i

File Size 2.5 Mb


Important Note:
For Data Quote Vendors and End Users we are ready consider any new datafeed not available in this list.

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