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Trading Floor Server
HyperTrader Tech. provides software technology tailored specifically for brokerage firms and trading rooms.

Brokers need to find new ways to increase cross border trading volume while reducing operating costs.
TradingFloor provides a professional solution for real time trading via the Internet for Cash and Derivatives markets worldwide. TradingFloor enhances brokerage services and increases order flows. 

Financial trading in real time 
Trading on multiple markets 
The Market by Order by Limit 
Continuous trading (24h)
Secure network access 
Flexible architecture

TradingFloor is a Front Office Order Management System designed for automating the complete workflow of an order.
Order capture
Multi-site routing rules
Multi-market order routing
Execution management
Trade allocation
Full integration with our product range
Manage connections to the central trading systems of Stock Exchanges for order entry (via the FIX Protocol)
Faster Data Acccess

Our server takes the demands of real-time data processing off of your network and systems. The FDS efficiently and independently receives, databases and redistributes the information to your desktops and clients.
FDS uses a very faster hashing lookup method. With the latest high speed CPU's, FDS can do over 1,000,000 random symbol lookups a second and process more then 2000 messages per second.

TradingFloor Management Tools allows the transmission of executed orders to Back Office applications and is able to transmit, in real time, a file of Front Office executed orders to third-party Back Office applications.
The interface is a batch process used to access the database, extract data and format it according to the back-office system's standards. Modifications can be managed and one single interface can be used for all markets, hence reducing the cost of maintaining several interfaces and manual input.

A Real time pre-trade filter allowing control of the orders before transmission. is designed to automatically control orders for cash, futures and options on futures instruments before being transmitted to the exchanges. It ensures that in-house or remote trading is monitored, based on client defined criterias (daily volume, quantity, capital).

HyperTrader Tech. LLC has also developed standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which enable institutions to develop their own applications. These APIs apply to data feeds and order entry functions and provide the interface with internal applications.