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MultiFeed Server

MultiFeed Server is the ultimate SubServer technology, designed for our Professional Trader, now available for all investors.
The MultiFeed allows connecting to your TradeStation 2000i and MetaStock all your available realtime feeds at the same time; expand your point of view around the same symbol supplied by different vendors. Our solution allows comparing the same realtime quotes, provided by two or more different realtime feeds.
Now you can verify the Strategies, Systems and Signals by more then one chart updated in realtime, your can decrease the risk generated from incorrect data transmitted from the realtime vendor or not updated chart.

Main Advantages

MultiFeed Server allows connecting all your realtime datafeeds to TradeStation 2000i and MetaStock. By the MultiFeed Technology you is able to manage all your RealTime Feeds in the same time, collect in realtime all Ticks and Download the historical data provided by your Internet data suppliers.
You will be able to use the OnDemand technology for all datafeeds supported.

By the MultiFeed Server you can analyze the realtime quotes, for the same symbol provided by two or more realtime suppliers, manage, calculate any own index in realtime by Excel and feed immediately the result to TradeStation 2000i and MetaStock
Supported datafeeds: eSignal, QCharts, TalNet, QuoteSpeed, MFSat, XRay, Reuters, Bloomberg, MFSat-Fainex, Mediosim, FutureSource, S&P Comstock, MetaTrader, Excel, Bridge Channel, Whatz.Net, WinBIS, DTN’s IQFeed and any generic DDE.

Trial Version Download

The Trial Version work 30 Min only.
Features not supported in the Trial:
Online Tech. Support
Historical Data Download

Download Now:
File Size 19.8 Mb
MultiFeed Server for TradeStation
MultiFeed Server for MetaStock
Price List

Price List:
Limited Time offer. Valid only until Dec 31.
MultiFeed Server for Ts2ki:                    450 Eur
(Yearly Subscription) The regular price is 700 Eur.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP
• 256 MB of RAM
• 40 MB of available hard-disk space
• Color monitor with 256-color (8-bit)
• Monitor resolution of 800x600
• Network card