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Software Developer Kits
Now all developers are able to create the own tools, manage the MetaStock's database, implement any realtime datafeed, originally not supported from MetaStock or TradeStation, based on standard or OnDemand Technology , implement the eSignal Online datafeed in any platform directly or read and write the OMZ or XPO file format.

HyperServer SDK allows developers to feed any MetaStock or Advanced GET for TradeStation 2000i with real time information. You will be able to send the real time datafeed to your analysis software. With the SDK you can connect to MetaStock and Advanced GET for TradeStation 2000i any third party datafeed not supported by the program originally. The SDK will support also the OnDemand technology, then, if your datafeed support the historical data on request, you will be able to feed the historical database on query.
Price: HyperServer SDK 1.000 Eur  

Smart Downloader SDK enables you to automaticaly download historical and daily quotes directly into Equis MetaStock.
Smart Downloader is full integrated into the Equis Downloader. The quotes are directly put into Equis MetaStock and can be used without any further conversion or importing.
Equis Downloader supported from 6.0 to 9.0.
Price: Smart Downloader SDK 1.000 Eur  

The MetaStock SDK contains easy-to-use functions. The SDK includes all functions for reading, writing, editing, adjusting, sorting, inserting, deleting, and merging MetaStock price data.
The SDK comes as a Win 32 DLL and includes definition/header files and sample applications for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Delphi 4/5/7, and Visual Basic 6.0. Natively read/write MetaStock price data format.

Price: MetaStock SDK 150 Eur  

Important note: All available SDK are not the SDK proposed by eSignal, Equis or Omega Research, but are based on our proprietary technologies developed to design our tools.
If we need the original SDK, please contact those companies.