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The program suggests a small donation to a pro-life organization Medecins Sans Frontieres. There is no obligation of any sort to make the donation. However, the use of application is not subject to any licensing cost. We decided to convert the Licensing Cost in donations for non-profit humanitarian organization.


HyperOrder is a host system and allows to generate automatically order execution requests from different charting programs like TradeStation 2000i/7.x/8.x or MetaStock Professional or eSignal or Custom Application. The charting program should allow to load HyperOrder SDK DLL and to call its functions.

The HyperOrder Host program establishes the connection with the configured brokers and route the orders received from charting software to destination broker. HyperOrder Host supports the MultiBroker/MultiFeed Technology developed for our institutional customers. Online Brokers supported: Interactive Brokers Workstation, Patsystems, MB Trading, FXCM, RefcoFx, MAN FX and MetaTrader.

HyperOrder SDK, can be used by your own custom trading system written with any 32-bit programming environment, including Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi.

HyperOrder Features:

MultiBroker Support
Market on Close (End of Day) automatic processing allows user to cancel all open orders and flatten all positions automatically.
Fully integrated with TradeStation 2000i, 7.x, 8.x, MetaStock Professional, eSignal.
Online help manual.
HyperOrder Web Server
Print you orders with ticket number and time stamps.
Fully automatic trading or user can manually approve all orders.
Automatic auto-login if broker connection goes offline and back online.
Error check to report if broker goes offline.
Handles any symbols from all data feeds.
Symbol substitution allows user to chart one symbol and trade another.
Real time quote window.
Fast and easy manual order entry.
Positions in all symbols is updated automatically.
Profit in all symbols is updated automatically.
Fast access allows user to Cancel All open orders with one click.
Fast access allows user to flatten all positions with one click.
Constant updates of order status: Filled, Cancelled, Placed
Automatic stop loss when the order will be filled (Available Soon)
Order Parking, the user can define manually is orders, define entry/exit price, protect the order when will be filled by Stop Loss (Available Soon)
Process one or more orders available (parked orders) when the current market price satisfy the user requirement (Available Soon)

TradeStation 2000i and 8.0 Client working with Tracking Center, HyperOrder will not require any Easy Language modification, just take the order generated and process it.


Supported Brokers:

Interactive Brokers Workstation
FXCM (New)
RefcoFX (New)
MAN FX (Available Soon)
MB Trading (New)

HyperOrder Version

File Size 6.5 Mb

TradeStation 2000i and 8.0 Client

File Size 2.0 Mb


Important Note:
For Online Brokers and End Users we are ready consider any new datafeed actually not supported.

New Products

Next Free Tools generation near to launch:
HyperServer OnDemand for TS2ki.
HyperServer Lite OnDemand allows to access to historical and real-time data provided by any internet/satellite quote vendor in on-demand mode directly into the TradeStation 2000i chart.

HyperServer for TradeStation 8.0
HyperServer Lite for TradeStation 7.x/8.x allows to connect your TradeStation to any internet/satellite quote vendor in on-demand mode, support also ASCII, MetaStock, OMZ, XPO data format.