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HyperTools for XPO/OMZ

All software are Free of Charge, but propriety of HyperTrader LLC and STB Servizi Telematici S.r.l.

The program suggests a small donation to a pro-life organization “Medecins Sans Frontieres”. There is no obligation of any sort to make the donation. However, the use of application is not subject to any licensing cost. We decided to convert the Licensing Cost in donations for non-profit humanitarian organization.

HyperTools for XPO-OMZ

HyperTools is a universal converter, allows processing ASCII, Excel, MetaStock, OMZ and XPO format.
You will be able to create your OMZ/XPO directly from any ASCII, Excel or MetaStock files or export to ASCII, Excel or MetaStock the historical data stored into OMZ/XPO.
If you are eSignal, QCharts, RealTick, QuoteSpeed, MetaTrader, DTN's IQFeed, FutureSource ProNET   data subscribers you can create your OMZ/XPO files directly from your online datafeed.

HyperTools for XPO Premium Edition

The new HyperTools for XPO allow now to save directly into GlobalServer your historical data, without any XPO import file.
Builds Daily data by Tick or Intraday data source.

DTN's IQFeed Subscribers Special offer.

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File Size 16.8 Mb


Important Note:
For RealTime Quote Vendors and End Users we are ready consider any new datafeed not available in this list.

Next Free Tools generation near to launch:
HyperServer OnDemand for TS2ki.
HyperServer Lite OnDemand allows to access to historical and real-time data provided by any internet/satellite quote vendor in on-demand mode directly into the TradeStation 2000i chart.

HyperServer for TradeStation 8.0
HyperServer Lite for TradeStation 6/7 allows to connect your TradeStation to any internet/satellite quote vendor in on-demand mode, support also ASCII, MetaStock, OMZ, XPO data format.