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About HyperTrader Tech.
HyperTrader  was established in 1990 to satisfy needs of organizations and enterprises in informational technologies. We offer our customers exclusively high-quality products and services followed by a proper after-sales service.
HyperTrader Technologies produce an innovative technology for Traders. This, based on Java, combine standard technology a unique method, developed not only for Internet Traders, but for all professional and serious, individual traders. HyperTrader platform combines unique strategy testing features with streaming real-time data, and powerful analysis tools and take advantage of full data-feed compatibility with all data vendors to better help of international customers.


  • We satisfying needs of organizations and enterprises in informational technologies
  • We offer our customers exclusively high-quality products and services followed by a proper after-sales service
  • We perform correct business relations
  • We operate keeping in mind interests of our customers and improving partnership
Free Traders' Tools

All software are Free of Charge, but propriety of HyperTrader LLC and STB Servizi Telematici S.r.l.
The program suggests a small donation to a pro-life organization
Medecins Sans Frontieres. There is no obligation of any sort to make the donation. However, the use of application is not subject to any licensing cost. We decided to convert the Licensing Cost in donations for non-profit humanitarian organization.

HyperServer Lite
HyperTools for Omz/Xpo
HyperTools Premium Edition
Online Downloader
Smart Downloader
TradeStation History PlugIn

HyperOrder Host

New Products Launch:
HyperServer OnDemand for TradeStation 2000i
HyperServer Lite for TradeStation 7.1

Trader's Solutions

We are able to supply to any Trader requirement, from datafeed development to a complete trading solution by our NetTrader/HyperTrader platform. Latest HyperTrader solution is the MultiFeed Server for TradeStation 2000i. Now you will be able to connect your Omega TradeStation to unlimited number of RealTime Datafeed at the same time Compare and complete your realtime streaming feed.

The History SubServer SDK for TradeStation 2000i allows to download historical data for selected symbols to GlobalServer. Using the SDK interface it's possible to open existing symbols, additional new symbol in the Omega Portfolio and download data for any field and resolution supported in GlobalServer.

Enterprise Solutions

Financial Data Server:
Provides for streaming stock, index, future, option and other real-time market data along with historical data and news databases. 
The Financial Data Server will run reliably and inexpensively on single computers for private use. Yet its scalable server farm technology will scale out to support 10's of thousands of end-users with streaming real-time, historical, and news data over the internet which is appropriate for even the largest institutional user.

Trading Floor Server:
Provides software technology tailored specifically for brokerage firms and trading rooms. Brokers need to find new ways to increase cross border trading volume while reducing operating costs.
The Trading Floor is the  professional solution for real time trading via the Internet for Cash and Derivatives markets worldwide. Trading Floor enhances brokerage services and increases order flows.

Software Development Kits:
Now all developers are able to create the own tools, manage the MetaStock's database, implement any realtime datafeed, originally not supported from MetaStock or TradeStation, based on standard or OnDemand Technology , implement the eSignal Online datafeed in any platform directly or read and write the OMZ or XPO file format.

New Product

Personal Network Server allows sharing all your realtime datafeeds in your intranet. Now you can use the same datafeed for unlimited copy of TradeStation 4.0, TradeStation 2000i, MetaStock 6.52/7.0/8.01, Advanced GET for TardeStation 2000i and TradeStation 7.1. Not only by MultiFeed Technology you will be able to manage all your RealTime Feeds at the same time.
You will be able to use the OnDemand technology for all datafeeds supported.
To your PNS Server you can import, for your collected symbols, any historical data from OMZ, XPO, ASCII, MetaStock format.